What if Genetics is a Contributing Factor?

To date there is no conclusive or definitive evidence that homosexuality is genetic or bio-chemical.

Think about it:
• If homosexuality was found to be genetic, then geneticists would be ‘all over it’ to fix it. They are not because there has been no genetic link found.
• If homosexuality were found to be bio-chemical, then pharmaceutical companies would be ‘all over it’ to fix it. They are not because not bio-chemical causation has been found.

But what if they do find a genetic or
bio-chemical link to same-gender attraction?

I would hope, first, that such a finding would bring about a greater compassion among Christians toward persons with same-gender attractions (SGA)— especially toward fellow Christians in such struggles. We must not let them feel isolated, as if their particular sin is somehow greater than the sinful tendencies with which we all struggle. Our responsibility goes beyond just encouraging those brothers and sisters to live chaste lives of obedience and surrender. We must be there for them and with them, providing the love, fellowship and healing community that we all desperately need.

The finding of a genetic or bio-chemical contributing factor for SGA fits within the Biblical world view.

The Fall has contaminated EVERYTHING. It has infected every aspect of our human existence. From our thought patterns to our emotions, from our relationships to our sexuality, sin has infected everything, including our genetics and bio-chemistry.

Same-gender attractions are a result of the fall of mankind. As a result of our fallen nature, we all are born with a predisposition to a multitude of sin options, including sexual sins. Homosexual behavior is just one of the many sin options to which we may be drawn as a result of our fallen nature. (See blog entry: https://prodigalminis.wpengine.com/the-capacity-lies-within-all-of-us/)

The Good News is that through the love and grace of Jesus…through the atoning death of Jesus and our identification in His death and resurrection to new Spiritual life…God wants to transform our feelings, our behaviors, and our culturally-defined identities. He wants to transform every aspect of our lives. He has a divine design for sexuality and gender. He wants to empower us to live lives surrendered to His design and will that can be lived ‘over’ or ‘through’ our broken genetics and bio-chemistry.

The Body of Christ’s mission is to be used by The Spirit of the Living God to bring those dealing with SGA into a relationship with Christ, with God the Father, and with the Holy Spirit so that He can enable them to walk in purity and wholeness according to His design. He, alone, can free us to be the complete person whom He designed us to be. Life as God designed it—that’s where we can find real peace in life. God can and does work ‘over’ or ‘through’ one’s genetics or bio-chemistry. With Jesus anything is possible! Hallelujah!

What would some gay-identified persons say if a genetic or
bio-chemical link were found to SGA?

Most, I suspect, would be claiming loudly, “See, we told you so! Case closed.” As I mentioned above, I believe that a specific segment of our culture would see dollar signs. If it were proven that there is a genetic or a bio-chemical link to same-gender attraction, pharmaceutical companies and/or geneticists would rush to discover and market a cure! And that would put the secular culture in a real tailspin. They still would be left with the moral debate as to whether or not it is appropriate to offer a correction or cure if the option were available. Just as the option for transformation by Jesus is offered today (I Corinthians 6:11) and certain circles within the gay-identified communities want to stop it.

Let us continue to lift up high the banner of Jesus and his divine design and intent for human sexuality and its relationships. I pray that such a genetic discovery would not change the mission of the Church. The Church should seek to promote purity and wholeness through Christ (Phil 3:14) to all persons, including those with same-gender attraction and, or gender dysphoria.

Finally, I know that it would not change Prodigal’s approach to ministry. Through Christ, we have the power to live content in purity, wholeness and surrender to a loving Creator-Savior’s design. That will always be our mission.

Through Christ, God has given us everything that we need for life and Godliness.

‘See, I have placed before you an open door that cannot be shut’ (Rev. 3:8)

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