Active Waiting

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.
Isaiah 40:29

During my free weight workouts, in between one high weight rep’ set exercise and another high weight rep’ set exercise, I do what is called an “active rest.” Active rest is taking a significantly lower weight and doing the same exercise in between each high weight set.  Because the weight seems too light to be accomplishing anything, it may not seem like this active rest it is helping me to reach my goals, but it is!  Applying this active rest increases strength, definition, stamina, endurance and can decrease joint pain, stiffness, stress.  And to top it off, the workout does not require extra time.  Active waiting is productive and beneficial for obtaining my larger goals.  So, while waiting for an answer to prayer, while waiting for our orientations to change try these activities…

Study His character in what He has done for you personally and throughout the history of humankind for His people.  Check out all the times and in what context the word ‘remember’ is written within the Bible.  Remembering is a part of our journey and is meant to greatly encourage us.

Remember that although we are ordinary people, the Creator of the universe is working on our behalf.  We may feel weak, yet never forget how extraordinary that we are made in His image, and filled with His supernatural Life for a purpose!

We Are Not
We are not able on our own.  We must unite with The Spirit.
We are not in control.  Look for the Divine plan and surrender to it.
Be active in accepting your vulnerable state of wanting, and be in a receptive posture.
Be humble.

Focus Outward
Focus on Him not ‘me.’
My help comes from looking up and out.  “A song of ascents.  I lift up my eyes to the mountains- where does my help come from?”  Psalm 121:1

Obtain Purity
Make gains in ridding yourself from sexual compulsions – acting out, pornography, masturbation and the like.

In active waiting, it is important to ‘put off’ the old nature, behaviors, thoughts and etc.  It is just as important to ‘put on’ (replace) with the new.  Here are some suggestions:

Make Healthy All Relationships
Make all attempts to be at peace, reconciled in your heart towards everyone – father, mother, siblings, friends, ‘enemies’, people groups, God and self.
Forgiveness and acceptance make a big difference in our souls!
Prayerfully consider the support of a Christian Counselor.

Make Healthy Your …
Time Management
Work and Rest Balance
Thinking (Renew my mind).  Take every thought captive and align it with  Christ’s thoughts.
Damaged emotions
Take up a hobby or two!

Partake of the Body of Christ
Hear the Word taught regularly. Gather with other followers of Jesus regularly. People are the issues behind relational and sexual brokenness.  People are also the means of healing.  We must involve ourselves in relationships.
Additionally, receive soaking prayer from persons within your church and actively bring your soul into worship.  Change happens here!  Our humanity connecting with Divine!

Take Risks
Change brings change.  Do what you don’t want to do. Have you said to God, “No not that.  No way.  I can’t.”  Well, that may very well be the thing that ushers in changes.

Face your fears with Faith.

Are you waiting for God to deliver you?  There is much to be done, and much to be obtained through active waiting.

I am confident that your soul will be strengthened as you actively wait upon the Lord. You will be encouraged, refreshed and renewed by the growth you experience through waiting.