How to Love. Who to Love

I have heard it so often…

“God is Love. God wants us to love. So what’s wrong with two persons of the same sex loving each other?” I have heard that so often.

I always respond—”Yes, God is Love. And He commands us to love. ”

And then I ask, “What is love?” Who defines love?

They, you see, are equating love with having a sexual relationship with another person of the same gender. And that is not the way to love as God commands us to love.

The love which God wants for and even commands of us is certainly not mere physical intimacy. Neither is it simply an emotion. It is a commitment to be concerned, primarily concerned, about the wellbeing of the object of your love. It involves putting the needs, feelings and above all, the eternal destiny of another above your own needs and feelings. God, because He loves us and created us defines what love is and how we are to love one another. He knows what is best for us and has explicitly told us that we are to have sexual relations only with one person of the opposite gender as a way of loving another.

Josef Pieper writes:
Love is not synonymous with undifferentiated approval of everything the beloved person thinks and does in real life. . . . [nor is it] the wish for the beloved to feel good always and in every situation and for him to be spared experiencing pain or grief in all circumstances. “Mere ‘kindness’ which tolerates anything except [the beloved’s] suffering” has nothing to do with real love. . . . No lover can look on easily when he sees the one he loves preferring convenience to the good.

God is Love. God is Holy. The Creator tells us how to love.

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