Healing Prayer


You know my heart is broken, You know my emotions are in disarray. I acknowledge my broken, shattered, wounded heart of emotions before You. You know there is hardly another that I can trust. I have felt lonely and forsaken in my woundedness. I have felt wounds on top of wounds.

I have been in despair because of my inner bleeding. At times I have put on great strength in denial, and at times I have put on great anger in pain over my broken heart. At times I have despaired life. Lord, hear my heart’s crying. I will be honest with You even when I don’t want to because of fear of the truth or the pain.

I request and give You permission to enter my wounds, and my emotions, to be the Balm of Gilead that saves the wounded, sin-sick soul, to be the Healing Presence within my heart.

You are near Lord, and I believe you have come to heal my broken-heartedness and bind my wounds. In You, I shall find rest for my soul. I recognize the need to accept, care for, and commit to myself a healthy, God-designed self-love.

You are my Father and I can cast all my cares on You for You care for me!

I receive Your healing touch by Your Word unto me and the precious blood of the Lamb of God – Jesus Christ. I enter Your Sanctuary (Your Presence) and know healing.

Amen and Amen.

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