Fortifications for Recovery

Accept others as imperfect
How could he/she have done that to me?! Why didn’t they____?!
Acceptance of people’s broken, sinful condition, just like your own goes a long way in moving ahead with recovery. Look at others sin just like Jesus looks at yours.  Matthew 6:12

Take on New Mantras
Do you have the perception that some things are too much for God to help or fix?  Try a repetitious inner-dialogs like, ‘With Jesus anything is possible. God is with me and within me.”

Stop looking to the self for help and look up and out of yourself!  Look to the Heavens from where my help comes from!  Psalm 121:1

Specks and Planks
Focusing on what other’s ‘issues’ does NOTHING for your moving forward.  Look with the Holy Spirit at your own character flaws, sinful heart and actions.  That you can fix!  You can’t fix someone else!  Matthew 7:3

Partake of prayer, Bible study and reflection, accountability, professional counseling, workshop/seminars/conferences, books, support groups, The Body of Christ and etc.  Partake of all that is good, right, lovely and noble.  Philippians 4:8

Instead of being a pessimist say ‘yes’, more than you say ‘no’.  Do what you don’t want to do.  Often times what does not work in our recovery is self-talk like, “Can’t do that. No, not that.  No way! Huh uh! Won’t to that.”  Change brings change! We need to make changes to have changes – move!

Do be Patient
Talk to God like in the author of the Psalms did!   It helps the journey to be in a communicative-relationship with God – having a ‘heart-to-heart’ with your Creator-Father.   Share your thoughts and feelings with God during the ‘waiting’ times of your recovery.   Is 40:31

There is much to be done while waiting.  I call it active waiting.  While waiting for a ‘break through’ keep doing what you already know what to do.  Phil 3:15

Resenting reality today does nothing but impede advancing ahead.  Accept where you are at today.

Let the Future come
Don’t allow the past to keep you from the future.
Don’t allow what has been done keep you from what you could be doing! Philippians 3:13

Recognize the Enemies of Our Soul.
News Flash: We have to live our lives in the reality that sin has contaminated EVERYTHING.
Our heart still has and will have sinful desires.
Our flesh will want the unholy.
The culture/world will contaminate our minds with falsities.
The devil seeks to destroy us.
Brothers and sisters:  Fight accordingly

Get a Tribe
Doing recovery alone doesn’t do much of anything.  The self-pitying inner dialog of, “No one understands.  No one can help me.  My problem is different than everyone else.” robs the riches that are found in Christian relationships.

Get mentors – those who have gone before you.

Get nurturers – people to love on you.

Get comrades – those in like situations that encourage.

Find S.A.F.E people – Spiritually mature, Able to keep a confidence, Familiar with the process of sanctification and always Encouraging.  Hebrews 10:25

Never, never, never give up!

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