A Prayer for the Healing of the Feminine & the Masculine

Dear Heavenly Father:

I recognize you as my Creator, the One who formed and fashioned me and all the intricate parts within my body, mind, emotions and spirit.  I accept that you are the Giver of only good gifts and that my being feminine/masculine is goodness straight from your hand and heart.

I ask you, Lord God, to reveal my unique feminine/masculine self to me that I may see who I am as a female/male through your eyes.

I commit myself to obtaining with your divine Healing Presence the unique femininity/masculinity you have already given me to reflect.

I admit Lord Jesus that I have interfered for many reasons with my feminine/masculine identity.  In rejecting my feminine/masculine identity I have been in rebellion against my true self.  I have isolated myself from your divine design and intent.  I have locked myself within me.  I need Your Help in releasing my femininity/masculinity and I ask for your Healing to flow into the damaged areas of my femininity/masculinity.

I repent of making judgments, hating my own gender self and my gender group.  I repent of my idolatry of the opposite gender.  I release hatred and idolatry to you.  Dissolve and cleanse me from them.

With Your Help, I offer forgiveness to those who have been painful towards me in my femininity/masculinity.  I release my hold on them, which holds me in bondage.  With Your Blood that sets the captive free break all inner vows (name these) that have hindered my ability to reflect true femininity/masculinity.  In its place, I ask Your Holy Spirit to establish God-ordained boundaries around me in my femininity/masculinity.  I ask for your protective loving Presence to sustain me in the process.  I need your security, love and surrounding Presence.  I desire your gentle shepherding into my true femininity/masculinity.

I am willing to lay aside all that would encumber my journey to bearing the feminine/masculine image that you gave me to reflect and express.  I ask for your insight into what that may be.  I realize that could be anything from the attitude of my heart, to the way I interact with others, to the judgments of others, to ____________.  I realize this is an inside to outside process.

I trust you, Jesus Christ, Lamb of God, Savior of My Soul, and I will allow You to work. I know you will set a wonderful, refreshing, relaxing pace in the journey to whole femininity/masculinity.  My desire is to act in thought, word and deed as the profound woman/man you created me to reflect.  I desire to demonstrate your feminine/masculine creation, to be feminine/masculine to Your praise and glory and to manifest your Love in its fullness as an affirmed female/male.

I trust my self, my femininity/masculinity to you daily, knowing You are the God Who loves me.

Your daughter/son, ____________________

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